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We like to do things the old fashioned way – High QualityProfessional Workmanship, Personal Relationships with our customers, and Results that will delight you.   We give quotes the same way – personally and customized for each job.

For a quote, please review the information to the right, and then give us a call!

Information for a Quote:

Approximate Building Age, if known.

Approximate Building or Floor Square Feet (or measurements)

Type of Wood, if known

Desired Wood Tone:  Tones such as, Natural, Light Golden, Golden Brown, Deep Brown, Reddish Brown, Mahogany, Dark, Black, Gray, Whitewash

Desired Gloss Level: Satin, Semi-Gloss or Gloss

Other Details, Comments, or Questions you have about the process, including: Durability, Traditional Amber color, Non-Amber color,  Environmentally conscious, Odor during or after the process, Speed of drying time, Cost, Traction, Timing/Schedule or any other questions you may have.